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Why Choose Rugby, Inc.

Quality rugby equipment has always been an issue with rugby clubs all over the USA. I have been in the sport of rugby and the business of rugby since 1981, so I have seen a lot. Many clubs using unsafe scrum sleds. Putting players in danger along with poor training techniques. Our scrum machines cure that issue at all levels of play.

Over the decades our sport has evolved. With the ever growing youth, teens and adult leagues, safe, quality and affordable rugby equipment is a must. So I started Rugby, Inc. to fill that niche. We are not a licensee or a third party selling for someone else. You are dealing direct with the manufacturer. Our high quality, American Made Rugby Scrum Sleds are designed and manufactured for American Rugby Clubs nationwide.

If your rugby club is looking for a Top of the Line Rugby Scrum Sled or Scrum Machine, Shop Here. Rugby Inc.'s scrum machines are Made in America, in stock and ready to ship. All of our models are manufactured with heavy duty, extra thick steel tubing. Precision engineering, top class welding, "Rugby Tough" pads and thick powder coating for extreme outdoor durability. All together making this line of American Made Scrum Sleds perfect for any rugby club at any level of experience: Beginner through Professional.

Thank you for stopping by I hope we can supply your rugby club with a high quality American Made Scrum Machine.

James Gilbert Carlberg

Rugby, Inc.


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